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Wordpress Project Manager Pro

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

#Wordpress Project Manager is a simple but at the same time dynamic open source Project Management Tool where you can manage multiple projects and deliver at the scheduled time.

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Wordpress Project Manager Pro

Why Wordpress Project Manager?

Ensure the best use of your resources and planning

Properly organize and track all tasks and projects

Meet your deadline more efficiently

Advanced time management tool for efficient time tracking

Make team collaboration more effective than ever

Get advanced reports for full insights about everything

Powerful Features:

Team Discussion - Have open channel or private discussion on each project

Milestones - Divide a project into timeline and maintain goals more effectively

Gantt Chart - Get an illustrated view of your projects and task progress

Task List - Manage each thread of task with and advanced task list for a better prespective of the project

Email Notifications - Get email notification on important actions.

Dashboard - A dedicated page to display all insights and calendar based visualization on what your team is working on right now.

File Management - Google drive styled document manager for easy sharing and security

Kanban Board - Maximize workflow with kanban method of project management

Premium Modules:

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Get Started With Wordpress Project Manager

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