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WooCommerce Conversion Data Tracking

ConversionTracking, a tool specially designed for WooCommerce Sites with the best in the game Ad Platforms out there. Send user-triggered events from your eCommerce store instantly to your chosen ads platfrom. Retargeting is now as simple as that.

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Features & Highlights of WooCommerce Conversion Data Tracking:

Facebook Send users data who viewed your products, added to cart, searched, purchased and registered, to your Facebook Ads so you can get the most out of your ROI when you remarket to them. Also, add multiple pixels and create product catalog when required.

Twitter With our advanced conversion tracking integrating with Twitter Ads you will be able to measure your events consisting products that have been added to the cart, successful purchases, registrations and much more.

Google AdWords Add your Google Adwords Account ID and send your purchase events along with purchase labels, to Google’s own platform. Get better ideas on making the most out of your Paid Ads by targeting the right people.

Perfect Audience Want to have the best retargeting results ever? With our integration with Perfect Audience now you can target customers who hold more potential to skyrocket your eCommerce business.

Microsoft Advertising The easiest way to connect your WooCommerce store with Bing Ads. Send your conversion data to this Microsoft Advertising platform to create a better target audience.

Custom Platforms Don’t want to be restricted to these platforms alone? Have something you already use? Connect the platform of your choice with JavaScript tracking scripts feature!

Get Started with WooCommerce Conversion Data Tracking Tool

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