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WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - Wordpress Plugin

This Plugin enables you to make partnership with Amazon Affiliate Program to earn additional income through their affiliate programs.

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Full Features List:

  • Works as plugin on any Wordpress Install.

  • Compatible with any Wordpress / Woocommerce Theme

  • You can have Amazon Products and Simple Woocommerce Products on the Store in the Same Time (we’ve made a special verification and the products don’t conflict into the Cart Checkout Page)

  • Choose from any Amazon Location – Worldwide, Amazon Germany, Amazon United Kingdom, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, Amazon Japan, Amazon India, Amazon Italy, Amazon China, Amazon Spain.

  • 90 days cookies feature - With this feature, when a user is redirected to amazon, the product is automatically added to cart and kept there for 90 days (this boosts your conversions also!).

  • On Site Cart feature! This option will allow your customers to add multiple Amazon Products into Cart and checkout trough Amazon’s system with all at once!

  • Prices setup – Select what price to display on products – Regular price / Sale price / Offer price

  • Products Variations – Get product variations. Be carefull about Yes All variations one product can have a lot of variation, execution time is dramatically increased!

  • Default publishing- import the products as Published or Draft.

  • Select how many images to import for each product

  • Select if you wish to display shipping availability

  • Select if you wish to display Coupones – special offers & discounts

  • Image Import type – Select if you wish import images upon import or asynchronus

  • Automatically Content Spinner – select if you wish to have the content spinned upon import, or manually do it afterwards

  • ASIN GRABBER Module – grab hundred of ASINS from amazon in just a few seconds! After that, simply import them via CSV Bulk Import!

  • Products into Posts – You can easily add products into any post / page / custom taxonomy via Shortcodes

  • Products Stats – check your conversions!

  • Images names – Product title or Random number – This is great for SEO

  • Cross Selling Items – Select if you wish to display cross selling products.

  • Images gallery in product description – select if you wish to display it or not.

  • Amazon Reviews Tab – Select if you wish to display amazon reviews

  • Setup Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

  • Setup your affiliate ID’s (You don’t have to specify all affiliate IDs if you are not registered to all programs.)

  • Setup Main Affiliate ID

  • One second import! Search for products using the Advanced Search and Bulk Import module. Upon import all parent categories and subcategories will be imported.

  • Mass Import products using the CSV module. All you need is a ASINS list.

  • Keep products updated using the Synchronisation Module, you can update Prices, Titles , Reviews, Buy Urls, Descriptions and SKU

  • Setup / Backup Module – install default plugin settings, backup current plugin settings, and backup current store products.

Click here to download

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