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Virtual Private Network Service

#VPN, we provide you the secured connection to work from home during this Pandemic Global Lockdown Period or any unexpected emergency period. With this connection, you can stay safe on any public Wi-Fi networks and protect your reliable sensitive data and also change your worldwide location.

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Highlights of Virtual Private Network Service:

Data Encryption – With strong VPN protocols OpenVPN and IKEv2 on your VPN connection. We can protect your data from hackers looking to steal sensitive information.

No Traffic Logs – While we do collect connection and bandwidth data to ensure your safety and satisfaction, we never track or store your data or browsing history.

Keep your True IP Hidden – Namecheap VPN assigns you a unique, random IP address, masking your location and keeps your real one hidden.

Practice Safe Wi-Fi – Our VPN tunnel lets you browse and go undetected on publilc Wi-Fi and keeps your data safe from cyber criminals.

DNS leak protection – Our integrated and secure DNS prevents data leaks about your online activity.

Kill Switch – Your privacy will remain secure and IP address hidden if your VPN server disconnects.

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