Vendify - Marketplace WordPress Theme

#Vendify, a complete Marketplace designed with Wordpress Theme. A marketplace which makes various vendors to promote and sell their products on a common online marketplace. It's upto decide by the marketplace owner whether to invite a common product vendors or different kind of products. Its nothing but a community marketplace wordpress theme.

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Vendify - Marketplace WordPress Theme

Features of Vendify - Marketplace WordPress Theme:

  • Manage on the Go: Easily manage your vendors, so you can keep growing wherever you are

  • Easy Payments & Shipments: Support for every major shipping & payment method is provided, so no customer is left behind

  • Built for Your Niche: Vendify handles it all. Digital and physical goods, or rentals and services or mix and match to suit your vendors

  • You Buy It You Own It: You control where your revenue and user data goes.

  • Brand it to fit your vendors: Easily customize templates, styles and features to connect with your vendors

  • Live Product Management: No admin panel, that leaves you guessing just beautiful product editing with live updates

Click here to download Vendify - Marketplace WordPress Theme

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