Ultimate Review Directory Platform WordPress Theme

It's a Wordpress Theme designed especially for the review based websites. But in this case, you can have the products or services directory stored in the back-end of your websites having the Review Directory Platform Wordpress Theme. These kind of review directory websites are the most revenue based business websites.

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Features Embedded in Theme Directly:

  • Change in listings position according to the number of reviews.

  • Reviews Management, Pros and Cons.

  • Automatic Table of Content Creation.

  • Floating Jump to Product Dock.

  • Automatic Category Page creation.

  • Show Filtered Products in any page.

  • Screenshot API via ScreenShotLayer.

Features Added via Custom Plugin:

  • Automatic Year Change in review posts

  • Automatic Listings

  • Number change in review posts

  • Bulk Listings Importer

  • Outbound Link Management

Features Added via Third Party Plugin:

  • Custom Fields in Listings (ACF — Licensed Pro Version will be included in the platform.)

  • Anywhere Elementor (Licensed Pro Version will be included in the platform.)

  • Elementor Page BuilderNextend Social Login (Free Version for Social Login for Review submission. Pro not required.)

  • Frontend Forms for ACF (Free Version creates front-end product submission form. Pro not required.)

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