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Shortcode Sumo – Wordpress Shortcode Plugin

#ShorcodeSumo - Create Buttons, Add Sliders, Highlight Content & More with Shortcode Sumo. Get an ultra-easy solution to put different interesting features like call to action, sliders, Google maps, content highlighter, multiple width column on your WordPress site. You can do this by ShortCodes which you will get with the help of WordPress ShortCode plugin.

ShortCode Sumo custom WordPress Plugin is an effective and most powerful way to present multiple attractive features on your webpages just in a click, with ShortCodes.

It helps to do multiple tasks like-You can put buttons anywhere on your page where you think calling readers to action will work. In a same way, you can put sliders, various column styles just with the help of single ShortCode. Highlight important content in various colors. For this, Just install the plugin, Retrieve the desired ShortCode and put it on your site where you required.

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Shortcode Sumo Wordpress Plugin Features:

  • Allows you to create beautiful custom buttons of three types. You can create either small buttons, big buttons or Icon buttons with just a single click.

  • Insert a neat and flexible slider inside any of your WordPress page or post.

  • You can highlight your important content with 10-attractive colors within your webpage.

  • Offers you easy tool tip to set description of any Important Text. You can provide description within the same page which will be displayed when a user will take mouse over that text.

  • Various notification boxes to notify your visitors about crucial things in an attractive way.

  • You can insert Tabbed Content for proper placement of your content in your webpage.

  • You can use Toggled Content feature to show or hide specific content in your webpage.

  • Easy Column partition feature, you can divide your webpage in any available ratio to place content.

  • Easy integration of Google Map in your webpage.

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