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Matic - Professional Agency HubSpot Theme

Matic - Professional Agency HubSpot Theme. A much needed theme for those who doesn't have time to spend time on designing there websites. Matic is a professional HubSpot theme which lets you create clean and modern pages for your website. With its carefully designed modules and templates, you can save your time with designing and focus on your content.

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Matic - Professional Agency HubSpot Theme

Features of Matic - Professional Agency HubSpot Theme:

  • Home: A classy homepage which you can find most of the modules the Matic has.

  • About: A two columned area for about text which combined by an Accordion module for frequently asked questions as well as the Team section.

  • Services: A professional atmosphere for the facilities you provide, a Testimonial module for your client’s reviews and finally a pricing section.

  • Contact: A simple template for your contact information and a message form to let your visitors get in touch with you.

  • Blog: A clean view of your blog posts with featured images and post titles.

  • Blog Post: Impress your visitors with a big title and featured image. Then let them focus on your content with this well-planned blog post template.

  • Landing: A catchy “first look” for your website. You can use this template to welcome your visitors and then redirect them to the sections you may want to promote.

  • Blank: A blank template for a fresh start. If you’d like to see an empty page which you can create any design with it, just use this one.

Click here to download Matic - Professional Agency HubSpot Theme

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