Lingerie Responsive Shopify Theme

Lingerie Responsive Shopify Theme is a sophisticated Ecommerce theme for the websites selling Women private fashion products such as Nightwear, Underwear, Lingerie, Swimwear, Bikini etc. To make your website easily accessible for anyone around the world, the template was developed cross-browser compatible and SEO-oriented. Neat, valid coding and explicit documentation will help you in altering this lingerie Shopify theme exactly how you desire. Have a shot at this modern web template to build an inviting site which urges customers in.

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Lingerie Responsive Shopify Theme

Features of Lingerie Responsive Shopify Theme:


Your site will quickly adapt to any adget with any screen size the user has in hand. Text and images are flexible as well, so they will be rendered correctly.

Theme Color Switcher:

Change the palette of your site interface with only one click. This customization tool will let you keep your site inline with your corporate identity.

Newsletter Subscription Pop-up:

Easily subscribe your visitors to yoru newsletter.


This module allows you to set a price per currency for each of your products.

Background Video:

Using large, browser sized videos as a background for a part of your web page improves visual experience in a creative way. Affect the mood and atmosphere onsite or demonstrate your product in action. You can tell the whole story that will be easy and fun to view as opposed to regular, static pages.


The company blog roll can be displayed on the site. This would not only help keep the audience engaged but would also provide higher SEO rankings and seamless visitor experience.

Stick-to-Top Menu:

The theme is supplied with a header that sticks to the top of the page as you scroll down. This keeps main navigation menu right before the users' eys all the time, so they dont need to go back all the way to get to another page.

Product Badges:

use badges on your E-commerce website to indicate the status and value of product. Being small yet attention grabbing in their nature, these UI elements provide more effective promotion of e-store merchandise.

Elevate Zoom:

With this smooth, touch-enabled jQuery image zoom plugin, visitors will be able to enlarge prdoucts and view them to minor details.

Cross Browser:

There is no need to manually test anything in different browser versions and platforms. Doing whatever changes to your website, be certain to have its look and performance the same perfect in all browsers.

PSD Included:

All PSD files are fully customizable and were optimized to be used equally well by experts and beginners.

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