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Inktweet Wordpress Twitter Plugin

#InkTweet, a Wordpress Plugin for the Twitter Social Media. After taking 5 seconds of installation,you can easily place the hyperlinked posts or landing pages of your wordpress blog or websites on the twitter so that your visitors have a look easily and tweet your valuable content.

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Greatest Benefits of Using InkTweet Plugin:

Adds a “call to tweet” at the most relevant places: Using social icons is despite being a popular practice, hardly proves to be as productive as it is supposed to be. Since with InkTweet you can add call to action for tweet at the more relevant places, it generates maximum chances of spreading of your content.

Attract good number of target audience from Twitter: Twitter is a proven great platform for almost any business to build brand awareness and knock the doors of your target audience. This plugin helps in exploring possibilities on twitter the easy way.

Boost your website rankings in organic search results: Social referral traffic to a website is on the other hand considered great for increasing the reputation of a website to search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing.

Social signals have been very clearly realized to be helping to rank a website better in search results. So for sure, you’ll get a high priority of vote to your website pages if a number of links are pointing towards your website.

Click here to download Inktweet Wordpress Twitter Plugin

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