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Inkstyler- Wordpress Button Plugin

#Inkstyler, a Wordpress Button Plugin. Easily Add Stylish BUTTONS To Your Posts & Pages

Add Redirect Buttons, Call to Action for Sign Up, Subscribe, Download, Purchase, Like, Share Buttons in one click. Here is an awesome WordPress action button plugin that helps you to create buttons on your site page or post without touching any code.

It can be easily used by a high-tech developer or even a non-techie user. You can create fabulous CSS buttons without writing any code for it, instead just use this InkStyler WordPress Plugin and insert fabulous Call To Action on your site.

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Features of InkStyler WordPress button plugin:

As the name indicates, InkStyler is a button generator plugin, but apart from adding buttons in your pages, you can also do the following features-

  • You can also highlight main points with colorful check marks, pointers, etc., in order to make key points more clear and eye catchy.

  • Showcase beautifully styled testimonials with images in your sales page etc., to tell what people say good about your products, services, or anything.

  • You can align icons to the left, right, top, or bottom of your text.

  • Various styles of buttons to choose from.

  • Various icons, and options to choose from various colors for notice boxes.

  • Various styling options in testimonials.

  • Installation and usage guide (DOC and PDF)

  • Box shot graphics (JPG and PSD).

  • Plugin video tutorial.

Click here to download

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