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Hetrack - Health Care Mobile App

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Hetrack is a UI Kit for a keeping a healthy lifestyle mobile app. You can quickly build an app with full needed feature like recording and analyzing your body health index such as heart rate, blood glucose, body dehydration, BMI, etc. Hetrack integrates a sleep monitor feature that keeps you to live in moderation. It is really convenient that you can create a balanced lifestyle pattern by recording the nutrition you absorb, water intake, and suggest the recipe that suitable for you.

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Every screen was designed to be simple and striking. It includes fully customizable components based on vector. We use the 4-8px design grid to ensure precise execution at every turn. All layers are well-organized that will accelerate your design process.

Created for Sketch these style guides are quick and easy to speeds up your app.

Categories included:

  • Onboarding

  • Sign in/Sign up

  • Home

  • Exercire

  • Discover

  • Healthy & Fitness Stats

  • Workouts

  • Search

  • Profile

  • Setting


- 70+ Premium Quality iOS App Screens

- Maintain 4-8px Grid

- Neatly organized & Layered

- Customizable Useful Components

- Free Update

- Works in Sketch

Click here to download

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