Eat Time - Food Delivery Store Shopify Theme

Eat Time - Food Delivery Store Shopify Theme. We brings you another Food Delivery Theme from Shopify Platform which is also well known for eCommerce Platform. So, obviously this one is a cracking Theme with all reliable source of solutions for Food Delivery concept. It also provides various colors and styles, some basic useful built-in add-ons, and much more. The speed of the site is also at the highest level due to the clean and high-quality code. You can select among many different customization variants to adjust your brand new website's page as you prefer. Also, the theme will allow you to make the pages of your future website adaptive to any types of devices.

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Eat Time - Food Delivery Store Shopify Theme

Features of Eat Time - Food Delivery Store Shopify Theme:


The section with banners allows you to place banners of two different sizes and link them to the product or collection you want to describe, banners with image sizes of700 x 420 and 420 x 420.

Blog Articles:

Tell your customers about the news of your store using a blog. Blog artcles can be placed in blocks of 3, 6, 9 segments. Also you can select small (370 x 245), medium (370 x 370), and large (370 x 493) size images.

Collection List:

Do you have new collections in the store? Add to the homepage with this section accommodating upto 9 collections. Choose the image size: small (370x209), medium (370x400), and large (370x449).

Custom Content:

Add blocks with a picture, text, YouTube video, product, collection, or HTML code. You can change the size of each block 25, 33, 50, 66, 75 or 100%

Featured Products:

Place your goods where you think is appropriate and the quantity you want. List products from the selected collection in groups of 4, 8, 12, 16, 20. Choose the image size - small (270x151), medium (270x270), and large (270x360)


Place in this section any photos: shop, goods, company, collections, etc. It is possible to add from 1 to 4 images, in a row across the entire width of the page. Add text and a link. There is the facility to change the height of the block (small, medium, large).

and much more...

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