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E-lottery Ionic Starter App IonicFrameWork

E-lottery Ionic Starter App IonicFrameWork. E-lottery Ionic starter app Ui Kit is modern, clean, and very detailed. You can use this app Kit to trade your Online Lottery Business. We designed more than 40+ beautiful unique screens for your mobile app. This app was created by IonicFramework, so it’s easy to editable, Html, Cordova, Capacitor. So you can use this app for your online lottery business. Diverse design, clean, simple and luxurious. Convenient, easy to use, save time. Fully functional, use many cases. Easy to customize.

E-Lottery is built from the components of the ionic supply and is tailored to suit our needs. The template consists of four main parts: the component has been customized. The interfaces are designed based on the custom component. Social networking sites provided API. The native of Ionic is used to interact with your device.

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E-lottery Ionic Starter App IonicFrameWork

Highlights of E-lottery Ionic Starter App IonicFrameWork:

About the available interfaces:+ 10 Skin Color

+ 40 Pages

+ 1 Home

+ 3 main games

+ 3 Login, sign up pages

+ 3 Profile pages

+ fingerprint authenticator

+ many other

Ready complete application:+ Firebase phone Authentication

+ Howler

+ Cordova

+ Capacitor

Ionic Components & Others:+ @ionic-native/camera

+ @ionic-native/file

+ @ionic-native/file-opener

+ @ionic-native/fingerprint-aio

+ @ionic-native/image-picker

+ @ionic-native/photo-viewer

+ @ionic-native/social-sharing

+ @ionic-native/splash-screen

+ @ionic-native/status-bar

+ @ionic-native/toast

+ @ionic/angular

+ @ngx-translate/core

+ @ngx-translate/http-loader

+ howler

+ html-to-image

+ ngx-card

Click here to download E-lottery Ionic Starter App IonicFrameWork

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