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Dokan Wordpress WooCommerce Marketplace Theme

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

#Dokan is an amazing tool created from Wordpress WooCommerce to save unnecessary working hours while making an online marketplace.


Best Front-end Experience - Vendors get full functionality from the front-end dashboard.

Easiest Configuration Option - Build and customize with ease. No coding needed.

Best in class customer support - You can be sure that you are in the hands of capable support engineers.

Compatible with any WooCommerce Themes - Works perfectly with themes supporting WooCommerce & its functionalities.

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Dokan Wordpress WooCommerce Marketplace Theme

Dokan Wordpress WooCommerce Marketplace Theme Features:

Marketplace with Independent Stores

Use any WooCommerce Compatible Theme

Frontend Dashboard for Vendors and Customers

Earn from Each Sale as an Admin

Store Insights with Reports and Statement

Coupon Management Right from the Dashboard

Increase Brand Value with Product Reviews

Easy Withdraw System for the Vendors

Vendors can Configure their Own Store Settings

Shipping Management for Each Store

Announce Important News right from the Dashboard

Control Who Sells and Who Doesn't

Front-end Dashboard - Experience for Vendors:

Vendors get rich sales-earning reports, analytics and statements which helps them with their on-going business.

Advanced Features to Create Diverse Marketplaces:

Tune your store with premium modules to improve your sales performance

Premium Dokan Modules:

Dokan WooCommerce Booking - This integration allows vendors to create bookable products and customers to customize their booking orders.

Dokan Simple Auctions - This add-on allows to your vendors to sell auctionable products in the marketplace.

Other Modules:

Vendor Subscription Product - Product add-on - Ajax Lice Search - Color Scheme - Customizer - Export Import - Follow Store - Geolocation - Live Chat - Wirecard -

PDF Invoice - Product Duplicator - Product Enquiry - Return and Warranty Request -

Seller Verification - ShipStation - Single Product Multivendor - Store Support -

Stripe Connect - Subscriptions - Vendor Review - Vendor Staff Manager - Vendor Vacation -

Wholesale - Elementor - WPML Integration

Get Start with Dokan Wordpress WooCommerce Marketplace Theme

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