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Chic Pro Blog Wordpress Theme

Chic Pro Blog Wordpress Theme is a feminine design multi-blog template. Chic pro is a strong code based SEO friendly theme with speed optimized & Google adsense optimized areas to ensure your fast loading pages and side-by-side advertisement earnings. Chic pro supports multi-languages as it is equipped with WPML Plugin. As we said Chic Pro is a multi-blog design theme through which you can create Lifestyle Blog, Fashion Blog, Travel Blog, Beauty Blog, Food Blog, Parenting Blog, Self-improvement Blog, Journal Blog etc.

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Chic Pro Blog Wordpress Theme

Features of Chic Pro Blog Wordpress Theme:

Unique Pre-Made Layouts:

Each homepage section is equally valuable and serves important functions for your blog. Chic Pro offers you multiple layout options for each section that you can mix and match to create the perfect, unique look for your blog site.

7 Header Layouts:

Chic Pro allows you 7 header layout choices to suit your needs. You can select the one that best suits your blog logo and highlights the key functions. A distinct header layout can helpt set your blog side apart from your competition.

24 Home Page Layouts:

There are 24 Home Page layouts to organize your content in the way you choose. You can create any kind of blog and showcase your posts in numerous ways.

7 Slider Layouts:

There are 11 different slider layouts to showcase your posts. The slider can highlight your latest or your top posts. You can display a single post at a time or multiple posts together.

7 Single Post Layouts:

There are 7 single post layouts to present your posts in the best light. The layout options also include interesting layouts for your featured image that can be used to boost engagement. You can match the 7 single post layouts with 4 sidebar layouts to create various combinations.

2 Featured Area Layouts:

Chic Pro also comes with a featured area where you can highlight your key links to draw more traffic. You can choose between 2 layouts for the featured area to link unlimited top posts, categories, and pages.

4 Featured Posts Layouts:

There are 4 layout choices for the featured posts section. You can engage the viewers by creating a dynamic harmony of layouts and arrangements.

4 Popular Post Layouts:

You can showcase you popular posts in 4 different layouts. Experiment with them to see which one works the best for you.

24 Archive Layouts:

There are 24 layouts available for the archive pages. You can choose the one that feels most fresh to you.

Click here to download Chic Pro Blog Wordpress Theme

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