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Backer - Functional Crowdfunding and Fundraising WordPress Theme

#Backer is a Wordpress Theme designed for the good cause websites who are dedicated to raise funds in different methods like crowd funding and through non-profit organizaitons. All-in-one crowdfunding website solution on WordPress. Backer is a fully ready WordPress theme for building highly functional crowdfunding sites. The theme offers all necessary features and functionalities to launch companies, agencies, and different businesses. Enjoy 20% discount if you purchase WP Crowdfunding Pro with the theme.

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Features of Backer - Functional Crowdfunding and Fundraising WordPress Theme:

Fundraising Backer lets you create powerful fundraising sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Build a site with Backer and let people launch different crowdfunding campaigns on it and get a percentage of their raised funds.

  • Run campaign

  • Raise funds

  • Distribute money

Frontend Operations Let people do everything on the frontend. From user registration to project submission, everything is possible on the frontend. The users don’t require any backend access. Users can add, update, modify, and manage their campaigns on an easy and friendly interface. Track campaigns, know statistics and see summary right on the frontend.

  • No backend access required for users

  • Operate campaigns on the frontend

  • Check statistics and see the summary

Donation Launching any sort of nonprofit donation campaign is also possible with Backer. Campaign runners can manage and customize campaigns with the easiest effort. A functional plugin inside makes it all possible.

  • Create a complete donation platform

  • Manage donated money easily

  • Customize campaigns

Click here to download Backer - Functional Crowdfunding and Fundraising WordPress Theme

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